Asbestos Removal Commercial

If you own or work in any commercial building that was built between 1930 and 1990 there is a high possibility certain materials in your building contain Asbestos. Commonly found and heavily used in warehouse type builds are cement roofing and fencing containing the hazardous material, it may also be found in the vinyl tiles you walk on every day and if your building has eaves lining or cladding it’s highly possible it contains Asbestos. Black Diamond Services will have all these materials sampled and the professional team will put together a solid plan for the removal of these materials whilst keeping your business moving in a work safe manner. All the appropriate structures and machinery will be bought in by Black Diamond Services such as scaffolding, cranes and fencing and any areas of your workplace in close vicinity of the process will be sealed off and drop sheeted before work commences. Removal of materials shall be done in the safest manner we pride ourselves on dust suppression and air quality shall be monitored by a third party. After the hazardous materials are removed and safely disposed of, all areas affected shall be wiped down, HEPA vac’d and sprayed and sealed by our reliable team.

Black Diamond Services are specialists in the removal of all forms of Asbestos found in and around your family home. If you suspect you may have found this hazardous material please call us so we can attend your location and have samples taken. Before we commence with all removal works your house will require some serious safety measures. All areas to undergo removals will be encapsulated for dust suppression purposes, vicinities close by will be dropped sheeted and all doorways taped and sealed off. Once the Asbestos related materials have been safely removed and disposed of correctly by our reliable and friendly team your home will undergo a thorough wipe down, HEPA vac and special spray sealant, the air of your home shall be monitored by a third party and our job is done once the all clear is sounded.