Mould and Lead Remediation

Mould can be toxic and you may well have noticed it growing in certain areas of your home or workplace especially in damp or low ventilated areas. The longer mould grows the more damage it can cause, spores are invisible to the naked eye and float freely in the air causing various types of effects on yourself, your family or maybe your staff. Contact Black Diamond Services for the safe removal of any materials in areas affected by mould, we consider it as hazardous as Asbestos and our trustworthy team take all the same safety precautions for your piece of mind, affected areas will undergo air monitoring by a third party for the tick of approval.

Lead abatement is an activity to reduce the levels of lead in any environment and generally used to permanently eliminate lead based paint hazards. Contact us for an inspection of any suspected lead painted areas, Black Diamond Services will handle a controlled remediation of any affected surfaces, our professional team will take all safety precautions before, during and after remediation.